String Instrument Sales and Repair in Orange County, California



We have a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos, bows and accessories from student to professional quality. Please call or visit for more information.
Violin Collection - Instruments in Costa Mesa, CA
Violin Repair - Instruments in Costa Mesa, CA

Routine Instrument Maintenance

  • Glueings: open edges, buzzes
  • Pegs: Install: Wittner®, Perfection®
  • Traditional Pegs: fit, lube, adjust
  • Microchip Installation
  • Bridge: adjust, replace
  • Post: adjust, reset
  • Tone Adjustment

Routine Bow Maintenance

  • Rehair
  • Grip and Leather
  • Pearl Eye
  • Slide
  • Screw/Eyelet
  • Tip Replacement
We are required by law to use only CITES and DFW approved materials
Violin Maintenance - Instruments in Costa Mesa, CA